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International assignments once merely involved sending expats from company headquarters to locations abroad.

Today the situation is more complicated: With increasing globalization, regional hubs and joint ventures have also become favored destinations for international assignments. And often enough, one international assignment runs straight into the next. Therefore the question of whether these international assignments are a success or not no longer depends "only" on inter-cultural skills, but also on classic leadership transition issues.

The consultants of fgi have the knowledge and the experience to make international assignments a success – from the first day to the last. Even before the assignment begins, we identify the career and personal opportunities as well as the special challenges of the assignment abroad in order to effectively provide support so that the assignment is beneficial to all. After more than 20 years of expat experience, we know that the questions and priorities of an expat follow patterns that can be predicted in time. Our services are adapted to this according to several variables.

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