Our assignments are initiated in different ways, from leaders with a tricky change agenda to leadership teams, CEOs or HR experts who see that the scale and nature of change would benefit from external expert support.

We typically start with

  • An analysis of the situation – what is seen or not seen? What is named or left unspoken?
  • Explore opportunities – how far is the client prepared to go? How much can the organization be stretched? Where are the opportunities for early successes?

  • Validate resources – what are the strengths to keep and the foundations to build on?

  • Design the path and be agile – including „how can we continue to be curious about what might work and what might be in the way?“.

  • Support implementation – always following the principle of less is more - „ only do as much as  is necessary to reach the goal“. 

  • Continuously monitor progress and outcomes –  learn about what is going on and adjust where necessary.

We combine a tried-and-tested structured approach with being close and curious in order to select the right intervention at the right time and also to be aware when it is time to adjust. We integrate the need for reflection and learning into our architectures and our programmes for enabling leaders.