Teamwork at the Top

A global chemicals company with 34,000 employees changes its group structure through an efficiency program: Operational segments and support functions are bundled into independent GmbHs.

As soon as this happens, the managing directors of the new GmbHs and their direct reports – who they either know only through other roles or don't know at all – have to navigate their new organizational structure in short order. They are asked to develop an easily communicated vision that will be binding for all, to define challenges and their priorities, to clarify stakeholder expectations, and in particular to develop a robust foundation for trust-based collaboration.

In a first step, fgi supports the managing directors with team-building workshops. In these workshops, the focus is on clarification of roles, trust-building exercises, and agreement upon shared values and identity. Subsequent workshops covering the same topics are conducted for the direct reports. In the end all participants achieve their goal: Clear, shared messages for the entire organization

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Teamwork at the Top