Hybrid Work

An e-learning solution for a global target group

A global company planned to introduce a flexible work model that allowed employees and leaders to work both in the office and remotely in the future, creating a hybrid work environment. Due to the pandemic, the company had already gained experience with remote work, but the hybrid work setup entailed new specific characteristics that placed new demands on teamwork and the work of leaders.


The goal was to enable good collaboration in the future and to prepare leaders and employees well for the hybrid work environment.
In order to reach as many employees and leaders of the global organization as possible, a scalable solution had to be developed. In addition, the content had to be suitable for a diverse target group and at the same time contain concrete action steps that supported employees and leaders in the transition to the hybrid working world.


Due to the size of the global target group and a planned rollout in several languages, an e-learning solution was chosen. The relevance of the learning content for practice and its practical applicability are decisive for the effectiveness of digital solutions. In order to establish this practical relevance in the e-learnings developed, various everyday work situations were identified in which the changes between the non-hybrid and hybrid working worlds were clearly evident. Along these situations, reflection elements and action elements were developed in the e-learnings, which can be directly put into practice by employees and leaders. By processing the content along the situations, the e-learning could be divided into different sections that can also be used separately from each other. In this way, each user could select the topics relevant to him or her and take away practical knowledge and actions for his or her personal path directly into the hybrid working world.


The result was an e-learning that could be made available to a global target group as a basis and guideline for the transition to the hybrid working world. A high level of practical relevance and easy-to-use action elements made the e-learning an effective tool for the everyday work of employees and leaders.