Onboarding for Senior Executives

Customized workshops and coaching formats for successful onboarding

The targeted replacement of senior executive positions (level below the Executive Board) was intended to accelerate the implementation of the new strategy in the direction of agile culture and digitization in an internationally operating retail group. To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the onboarding of the new appointments, they were provided with a specific coaching and workshop offering.


The replacement of senior executives was often associated with change mandates that could only be successfully implemented if the new executives succeeded in integrating themselves into the existing networks. Past experience showed that top executives who were brought into the company from outside were often unable to provide the sustainable impetus that had been hoped for and even had to leave the company again in some cases. In addition, the onboarding situations in the various areas of the company were very heterogeneous and ranged from the onboarding of newly founded startups to the more "classic" replacement of long-standing and high-ranking executives.


We developed a program consisting of personal transition coaching sessions to support the transition to the new position and special workshop formats for the senior executives with their management teams. The transition coaching sessions were implemented in both face-to-face and virtual formats to ensure the greatest possible flexibility. Since it was particularly important that the workshop formats be designed to fit, we paid special attention to this. Typical objectives of the workshops were to strengthen the basis of trust, to prepare for change processes or to discuss strategic issues.


Since the launch of the multi-year program, a medium double-digit number of senior executives have received targeted onboarding support. The top executives rated the benefits of the program for their success as significant and valuable. The flexible consulting approach made it possible to meet the individual challenges of the different starting situations very well.