Comprehensive re-orientation

An OTC pharmaceuticals company with over 1,000 employees, active all over Europe, is facing difficult times: Antiquated structures, inconsistent processes, and diffuse strategic orientation force the new top management to make lasting changes.

Due to the scope of the task at hand, fgi supports the change process from the very beginning with a highly integrative overall concept that deals with "hard" and "soft" factors of the change in collaboration with a consulting firm that is specialized in process optimization.

Due to the fundamental reconfiguration of organizational structures and core processes, all stakeholders are worked with closely, and the entire company is permanently kept in the loop with regard to results and planning.

The mix of process optimization developed through participation, regular strategy workshops, intensive dialog-format communication, and comprehensive support for leadership – including personal coaching sessions – ensures that goals are met according to plan: In its everyday operations, the organization has a fundamentally new orientation and is more transparent, and the culture within the company is perceivably more open. Moreover, the sense of tradition within the company is successfully linked with an enthusiasm for new things. Significant requirements for a successful future are thereby met.

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