360°Feedback at the highest level

As part of a top talent program, each year a leading global technology company with nearly 400,000 employees performs 360° feedback processes for about 10 selected leaders who are on track to becoming board members.

As role models, they should live and promote an open culture of dialog; this includes inviting their feedback panelists to a moderated one to one or team discussion.

fgi designs this sensitive process, adapts the feedback questions to the existing leadership principles, and performs the modules of the process worldwide. For this purpose, fgi licenses hand-picked coaches and moderators who know the demands on top executives as well as the processes involved, and who are in a position to be able to coach and moderate on an international level. The effectiveness of this approach is proven through its success: Those recognized as top talent join their supervisors, their teams, and colleagues in the discussion, and even present in front of the board.

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