Leadership Programs

Leading in Service to the Future

Our leadership programmes provide spaces for participants to learn both together and independently, enabling individual Learning Journeys and incorporating the ever-changing world of work as a learning environment.

The world of work is rapidly changing, and against this backdrop, leadership programmes have never been as timely for businesses. These frameworks allow leaders to reflect on new social challenges, question their own behaviours and practice new ones – all of which can have an influence and impact on their firm’s corporate culture, both now and further down the road.

Hence the importance of interventions simultaneously with a larger and smaller focus, aimed both at corporate cultures and the increasing complexity of the world of work, and at participants’ individual and self-steered development. A well-orchestrated programme uses the momentum of transformation as its own driving force, ensures support and alignment across senior management, and takes every opportunity to establish workplace communication.

We work with you to design and adapt your programme according to your firm’s needs, always with an eye on your strategy, your themes of focus and the specific challenges you face. fgi’s leadership programmes run the full gamut of possible formats and methods, and in the most varied and different settings: whether a large-scale event or small-team coaching, inspirational motivation or calm reflection, classic training exercises or disruptive interventions, via face-to-face, blended or even purely digital methods combining streamlined procedures with thoroughly modern ways of learning.


Agile Leadership Journey

Development of a leadership development program for agile transformation

Case Agile Leadership Journey
Virtual Leadership Conference

Larrge scale virtual event as a joint launch for a leadership initiative

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