Agile Leadership Journey

Development of a leadership development program for agile transformation

We developed and implemented a comprehensive leadership development program for a financial services group as part of a leadership development initiative. The program is strengths-based and is the foundation for the agile transformation of the group.


The goal was to develop a program for more than 3,000 managers from three hierarchical levels. There were many elements that had to be the same, but also target group-specific offerings that were not available to all participants.


The objective of the Leadership Development Program was to strengthen leadership competencies in the areas of dynamics and focus on the individual. For the implementation of the developments in the mentioned areas, different focus topics were defined (Agility, Ownership, Result Orienteation, Resilience, Team Spirit, Feedback and Motivation) for which different formats were developed. The formats ranged from coaching, team workshops, an eLearning to cross-hierarchical / cross-functional large group events.

Another goal was to strengthen the personal responsibility for the personal development of the participants. We decided to leave the composition of the individual Journey to each participant. For this reason, a digital platform was developed through which each individual planned and booked his or her individual Journey after a self-assessment with recommendations (learn more about digital Leadership Journey link).


Through this program, a large target group could be guided in a common development direction. Through digital implementation, each participant was able to put together his or her own individual Journey, thus strengthening commitment and empowerment for personal development among the participants.