Change requires

During change processes, events that have impact serve as "Mental Milestones" for more dialog and participation. These events make it possible for people to directly experience the intention of the change project. They focus on the participant's mindset, and promote the desired change in attitude.

fgi's highly diverse repertoire of methods covers all types of content and target group: We work with artistic interventions from the fields of cinematography, theater, and music, or we bring in renowned scholars to present current research results. We bring people in to have a dialog as equals and use digital networking platforms to allow leaders and employees to optimally participate in the change and in the event.

With our expertise in change, leadership, and company culture, we find the event format that is most optimally suited to your situation – or we develop interventions for you that purposefully supplement already existing formats. We are also happy to take on the entire implementation of your event from conceptualization and design, to precise direction of the program, all the way to comprehensive processing of the results so that new findings can be integrated into everyday work life.

Achieve deep impact with four components

Mental Milestones are always based on four overlapping components that are balanced as needed:

1_ Shake things up and leave the comfort zone
2_ Describe details of new content
3_ Create emotional access points
4_ Adopt new perspectives

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Interactive HR conference