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Successful changes depend on those involved and those affected understanding the new reality, being convinced of the new change, and having a desire to contribute to shaping the change. Change Communication plays a critical role in this process.

Correct understanding is an essential driver of changes. If integrated into the change project right from the very beginning, it immediately brings about the needed clarity by making the content of the change, as well as any developments, transparent and understandable. In the next step, acceptance and support are gained – primarily through intensive discussion with all relevant target groups.

These building blocks are the focus of fgi's communication consulting:

The Change Story: It unifies the content, reasons, and effects of the change into a convincing whole. The story is the at the core of all other communication activities.

The Change Branding: Every change process requires recognizable symbols. Work with unique imagery, symbols, and some key messages provide orientation and also facilitate emotional access to the content of the change.

The Dialogue: This is the centerpiece of successful change communication. Conducted personally and on an ongoing basis to the maximum extent possible, this allows any reservations that people might have to be discussed so that they can, in the end, be overcome by working together.

The Implementation: A good message also requires that it reaches its recipients in a time without misunderstandings. Precise planning of communication and reliable implementation of all communication measures are therefore just as important as having the right arguments.

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