An e-learning with two goals

Development of an individual e-learning for a cultural transformation

As part of a global culture change, a new bonus model was introduced for the managers of an international group. The global launch of the bonus model was to be accompanied by eLearning.


The goal of the eLearning was to communicate the new bonus model on the one hand and to support the cultural change and anchor it in the organization on the other. The eLearning therefore had to strike a balance between communicating the more emotional topics of the culture change and providing information about the new bonus model.


In order to link these two topics well, the content structure was designed in such a way that culture change and the significance of the new bonus model for culture change are coordinated and intertwined.

A wide variety of elements were used in the didactic implementation. One focus here was the production and integration of videos of the relevant stakeholders. The structure and the user experience were strongly oriented towards currently learned digital behavior in order to make a self-directed rollout possible. The graphical implementation of the eLearning was done completely in the client's corporate design.

The final product was integrated into the client's learning management system and rolled out globally via the existing learning architecture. Content changes were continuously incorporated and thus an up-to-date eLearning was always available to the target group.


The requirement to convey the launch of a new bonus model in an eLearning and at the same time to reinforce a cultural change process was successfully met by developing an individual eLearning. It was important to coordinate the content very well in order to convey the connection between the topics. The rollout of the final product via the existing learning management system made an efficient rollout possible.