Unsere zuverlässigen Partner für anspruchsvolle Beratungsthemen.

Mit sorgsam ausgewählten internationalen Partnern erweitern wir unser Beratungs- und Betreuungsnetz nach Asien und ergänzen es mit exzellenten strategischen Partnern, um Wandel auch strategisch zu begleiten. Mit Hilfe unserer kreativen Partner erleben unsere Kunden, wie fruchtbar Kontextwechsel in Bereiche wie Theater, Musik und Film sein können.

International Partner:
CommonThread.Vision (Hongkong)

Our clients include some of the biggest multinational German companies. We ensure continuity and consistency of support for the leaders and their sizable operations in Asia Pacific through our partnership with CommonThread.Vision based in Hongkong. The breadth of expertise and the regional distribution of their highly professional coaches, facilitators and consultants is a strategic differentiator for global assignments. Our partners are Claudia Hammer-Hewstone and Beth Macdonald. They have teamed up to combine their wealth of complementary perspectives, experience and capabilities to support global brands in Asia Pacific.


International Leadership Transition
International Transitions have changed with the nature of global organizations. Regional hubs and new joint venture set-ups give rise to new demands and new kinds of transitions, for example from region to region or from region to head office transitions. What they have in common is that they still are the most expensive and the most risky of appointments. Their limited timeframe starts with the steepest and longest learning curve, as cultural, organizational and market differences are navigated and families are being settled. There are also typically high as well as conflicting expectations for contribution. In common with fgi CommonThread.Vison supports and trains HR clients and profits from fgi’s track record of training internal Leadership Consultants and Transition Workshop Facilitators. Specially certified coaches and facilitators in the region based on the fgi approach to Leadership Transitions guarantee consistency of support.

International Leadership Teams
CommonThread.Vision´s work with leaders and their teams integrates different expectations into a strategically aligned and compelling vision, priorities and practices. They support the development of stakeholder and customer relationships as well as leadership and organizational development topics. Their expertise in process design and systemic consulting allows a specially tailored as well as flexible approach.

Senior Executive Coaching
A range of professionally trained expert coaches help make match cultural, language and geographical requirements as well as the coaching objectives of the client.

Fast growing organizations
Emerging markets demand agile, cost efficient set ups that limit the risks and maximize capabilities should the market take off. Organizations develop in distinct phases, each with different leadership challenges and organizational capabilities. Work with leadership teams mitigates growing pains due to demand outstripping capabilities, minimizes the risk to standards, reputation and organizational effectiveness. Breadth of experience and expertise in the consulting team allow consistent and targeted support throughout in the organization.