Dr. Beate Heller

Beate Heller Juli21
Senior Consultant

Dr. Beate Heller is a highly experienced and international consultant and coach. She has worked for almost 25 years outside of Germany (in Switzerland, Poland and France) in global companies and various industries as Head of Leadership & Development. Her studies in psychology, philosophy, literature and art allow her to discuss together with her clients elementary questions around leadership, but also around life itself in existential questions such as Who am I? What are my abilities? What do I want? What effect do I have? Do I have authority or (only) power? How can my public actions be united with my 'inner emotional theater'?

She will meet you as a sparring partner who is not afraid to challenge you benevolently in German, English and French. She is currently continuing her education in the area of "Psychoanalysis meets Organizations".

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