Leadership Trainings

Learning and successfully mastering leadership topics

Is it possible to prepare for the job of a leader? We are convinced that it is possible. Because leadership - like so many things - is also a question of craft.

The leadership trainings of The Ken Blanchard Companies® have been world leaders for decades. Thousands of leaders successfully work with these concepts, which are scientifically based and have been proven in practice for decades.

The courses deal with the most important topics and challenges for managers and are primarily aimed at junior and middle managers. In compact form, you learn the tools for managing employees and teams - in classroom form, as blended learning or completely online.

As Blanchard's Global Partner in Germany, we are your contact for the planning and implementation of your leadership training programs. You benefit twice over. We combine Blanchard's proven methods with our decades of experience in supporting executives. Together with you, we develop customized solutions and are happy to incorporate your successful learning strategies.

You can choose from many offers:

Blanchard Management Essentials®

Blanchard Management Essentials® - the only program of its kind - builds on the winning formula of the best-selling business book, The New Minute Manager®. Managers who are equipped and trained with the tools they need are well on their way to becoming leaders who build engaged, productive teams and achieve better results for your business.

Overview Blanchard Management Essentials®

Building Trust

A key reason for employee turnover is whether or not managers and employees have a trusting relationship. Our Building Trust workshop teaches your managers how to build trusting relationships with their employees to increase engagement and commitment.

Building Trust Overview

Leading People Through Change

The Leading People Through Change program teaches your leaders and managers how to lead successful change initiatives by engaging others throughout the change process. Collaborative conversations enable early identification of challenges and concerns and help employees understand the reasons for change.

Leading People Through Change Overview

Leading Virtually™

Leading virtually is a skill that can be acquired. The Leading Virtually™ program helps leaders with remote employees learn skills to stay connected and increase employee productivity.

Leading Virtually™ Overview

Self Leadership

The Self-Management Skills Development program provides individuals with strategies and skills they need to become proactive self-responsible workers. They are trained to take control of their own success and achieve results for their company with a high level of commitment.

Self Leadership Overview


SLII® is the most widely used leadership model in the world. It teaches leaders to apply the appropriate leadership style to respond appropriately depending on a person's situation and needs. In this way, they promote the positive development of their employees and contribute to a positive and productive work culture.

SLII® Overview

Team Leadership

In the Team Leadership® program, which is based on the world's most widely used leadership model SLII, leaders learn how to support and promote their team exactly where it is needed. It is about identifying the needs of the team in order to be able to take targeted action.

Team Leadership Overview

Coaching Essentials®

The training teaches your managers how important coaching is for the growth and performance of their employees. Through the Blanchard training program, they learn how to not only lead their team, but coach them effectively to create a trusting work environment that leads to increased productivity and better work results.

Coaching Essentials Overview

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Blanchard believes people want to bring their best to work. Everyone deserves an environment where they can truly be themselves. But achieving true diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) isn’t easy. Many people who want to make progress on DEI do not have a plan or the skills to carry it out. Blanchard’s newest offering, Courageous Inclusion, cultivates a mindset that promotes diversity and inclusion and teaches participants a process to become more knowledgeable and active proponents of inclusion in their workplace.

Courageous Inclusion Overview