E-Learnings for the development of your leaders

With our e-learning for executives, your company benefits equally from our content expertise in the area of complex leadership and new-work topics as well as the advantages of digital learning.

Our e-learning offerings support executives in their personal development, for example by integrating interactive tools that guide users to introspection and provide them with individual recommendations for action. In creating the programs, we build on scientific findings, high-quality content and current didactic approaches. This results in solution-oriented self-coaching - combined with sophisticated knowledge transfer.

For your individual topics, we develop digital solutions tailored to your company and your executives. If required, we can take over the entire process for you, from conception and development to implementation of the e-learning offering.

For many leadership topics, you can choose from our ready-to-use standard solutions. We also can develop new e-learnings on your individual topics. We offer standard solutions on the following topics:

Teamwork- Collaboration

Collaboration within teams and across departments is one of the key variables of modern organizations. COLLABORATION helps managers and project leaders to optimize their joint work and communication within projects and with other departments. COLLABORATION is an e-learning that managers and project leaders use with their teams in cross-functional collaboration.


The digital self-coaching solution for managers in new positions: For more than ten years, the virtual course LEADERSHIP TRANSITION ONLINE has been helping managers in transition to get off to a successful start with the right strategies.

Feedback & Learning Culture

The extent to which our work culture supports learning directly impacts how able we are to learn and adapt to a changing environment. Organisations define the purpose and establish the context in which we learn, and we decide how, when and what for we learn. In this module, you will explore fostering a culture that increases learning and growth with and from each other.

Diversity & Team Spirit

New business models and organizational structures demand mental models of leadership where control, predictability and status are replaced by leaders as creative navigators, supporters, catalysts and coaches for autonomous teams and end to end responsibilities. This module will help you to understand why it is worth valuing a diverse and wide range of perspectives and how Diversity and Inclusion can be enhanced by recognizing unconscious thinking patterns.

Ownership & Empowerment

Effectiveness depends on individual accountability and leaders who enable and empower their team members. This module helps you to see your team's potential to take on more responsibility and establish the criteria by which responsibilities can be defined, which will accelerate internal decision-making processes.

Change Management

Change processes are always marked by feelings of resistance, and by contradictory needs for stability as well as transformation. This module will show you the most important facts and methods on the subject of change management and explain how leaders can shape change in a structured, targeted and motivated fashion.

Resilience & Self-care

Resilience is key to dealing with change in both a healthy and effective manner. This module will help you draw upon your resilience competencies in times of stress, crisis, conflict and with difficult challenges in your role as a leader.

Motivation & Purpose

Motivation describes a source of energy within us that is unique to us and that supplies us with fuel, direction and energy for our actions and results. In this module, you will learn how to motivate others by placing emphasis on the deeply human need to direct our own loves, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves.

Flexibility & Simplicity

In an increasingly complex world, the plans we make can no longer be relied upon. The call is growing louder for speed and agility, but also for simplicity. The requirements of customers, employees and new generations are changing faster and faster, to the extent that they often seem incomprehensible. In this e-learning, you will find some ideas for how you can answer this call.

From vision to action

Vision is given a new and critical role as the shared “guiding star” and anchor for values and mindsets that shape culture and guide action. This way, vision acts as a framework for action that is consistent in its aim and flexible in how to reach it. In this module, you will learn about the qualities of a strong vision while discovering the mechanisms for linking vision and action.


An e-learning with two tasks

Development of an individual e-learning for a cultural transformation

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E-Learning during Change

Development of an e-learning for executives during a change process

E Learning im Change Case
Global Talent management

Global Talent management

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