New settings
for leaders

Leaders are increasingly faced with the challenge of freeing themselves from routine, traditional tasks in order to make time for symbolic interventions. In order to satisfy these requirements, fgi supports leaders in the development of Leadership Retreats.

Tolerance for ambiguity
Anyone who frequently moves between environments with differing requirements should be able to accept contradictions and differences without jumping too soon to conclusions or becoming reactive.

Ability to build relationships
In our globally networked world of work, building strong relationships and ensuring that people connect are both vitally important. Those who are able to exercise restraint, who see themselves as part of a greater whole, and who easily bridge status differences are the ones who end up being successful.

Innovation, new business models, and technological leaps unquestionably require courage. Managers need to be prepared to take risks and accept failures. Only those who have the confidence to follow their own path will make breakthroughs and actually be able to successfully implement them.

Openness to novelty and a high degree of interest in other cultures are requirements for successfully shaping the future in dynamic markets. This curiosity doesn't always fit into the safe routine of well-functioning procedures, and therefore requires hard work on the part of leaders themselves.

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