Leadership at eye level

The days of leadership being exclusively the domain of those in leadership positions are long gone. Companies are increasingly replacing traditional leadership pyramids with flatter network structures.

Moreover, the concept of absolute leaders is losing ground and young, well-educated leaders and employees are vehemently demanding active roles and participation in communication and decision-making processes. Therefore it is high time to rethink and redistribute the responsibilities of leaders.

Interactive Leadership by fgi views leadership from an expanded perspective. Using a leadership barometer, 4 perspectives can be visualized at the same time and used as the basis for a discussion.

Leaders and those under their leadership interact on equal footing and openly discuss their perspectives with each other. This way, they both assume equal responsibility for the leadership process and the success of the team and the company.

In so doing, the important role of leaders is not diminished. The leadership process is, however, enriched through illustration of the points of view of those who are being led – to the benefit of both sides and of the company.

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Interactive Leadership