Large-Scale Events

The Power of Large-Scale Events

With our many years of experience, we craft interactive events with effective and engaging formats leading to concrete, achievable results.

fgi have been designing and organising major events for over twenty years, with many more taking place digitally since 2020 and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether for 50 participants or 500, in-person or digital, local or international, cultural development kick-off or leadership camp, our goals are always the same: to establish dialogue and interaction between participants, help them establish deeper connections with one another, generate momentum, and make change happen. The more participants at an event, the more perspectives, ideas and opinions come through that can then be translated into creativity and productivity.

Our conference model is based on the three pillars of Discussion, Interaction and Audio-Visual, ensuring that leaders and employees alike are involved in our events to the fullest extent. The vast majority of our event elements allow for implementation both in-person and digitally: from podium fishbowl discussions and small group sessions to live interviews, surveys and chats.

With our expertise in corporate culture, transformation processes and leadership, we will find the most suitable event format for you – or develop it specially, drawing from a broad-ranging repertoire of methods including from across the creative fields of film, theatre and music. We are always happy to oversee the whole scope and running of your event: from concept and design, and keeping things to time, right through to preparing a swift and aggregated summary of the outcomes, allowing your participants to put any agreed decisions into practice straight away.


Virtual Leadership Conference

Larrge scale virtual event as a joint launch for a leadership initiative

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HR Conference "Future of Work"

Global and hybrid future conference

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