Successfully managing
leadership transitions

Often, when it comes to leadership transitions, it is not just the cards that are reshuffled.

Transitioning to a different level, assuming a new role, or simply entering a new culture often means that one has to play by an entirely new set of rules. The better that leaders in transition situations can understand their own position and the underlying rules of the game, as well as the associated expectations, opportunities, and risks, the more successful they will be. This knowledge as well as active understanding of the individual transition situation are essential for a successful start and sustained success beyond the first 100 days.

Our founder Dr. Peter Fischer established the field of transition coaching in Germany, and has summarized his experiences in a book that builds upon a foundation of academic research on the topic. Over the years, "The New Boss: How to Survive the First 100 Days" has become a classic management book. An updated 11th edition was published in 2015.

fgi transition coaching support leaders in the first months of their transition. In three to five meetings, we analyze the situation, share necessary information, and together with executives we develop appropriate next steps and actions as part of a successful strategy. We do this on the basis of our experience with the hundreds of leadership transitions that we have supported over the past 28 years.

fgi Transition Coaching can become a fixed part of everyday work life in combination with our Transition digital product. In this case, Transition is an extension of face-to-face coaching and enables continuous transfer of the contents into the everyday work life of the leader in transition.

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Blended Transition Coaching