Teamwork at the top

Together at the top

Members of teams that have worked together for years often claim that they know each other well. However, we find time and time again that executives indeed share secrets, but in the end they don't really completely trust each other. Rivalries, personal ambition, or dominating behaviors create distance that makes trusting collaboration more difficult, particularly in times of unrest.

With Teamwork at the Top, fgi creates a space and provides a time for talking about topics that may on the surface seem soft and irrelevant, but are often gladly left off of the agenda. In a three-step process, we analyze the dynamics of your team in the context of business challenges as well as your mutual expectations. In conclusion, we work with you to determine behavioral changes and agreements that you will consider as a group, in light of your challenges.

Teamwork at the Top helps the management team to develop its roles further in order to grow into being a high performance team.

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Teamwork at the Top