Executive Coaching

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Our Executive Coaching tools support senior leaders in their own change and development plans while keeping firm focus on their organisation’s strategic framework and corporate culture.

A thematically consistent approach, with a personal touch: that’s what sets our executive coaching tools apart – and also our globally orientated tools in leadership transition and talent coaching.

Our leadership transition tools take various starting situations into account, for example transitioning from a systemic to an agile role, or dealing with international or external hires. Today’s particular challenges present another case in point, with many now working from home and with change processes thus being increasingly experienced, at least in the first instance, on a virtual level. Our coaching tools can also be adapted to include other topics such as changing leadership during a transformation process or leading within matrix organisations.

Our talent training programmes include transformational coaching tools as well as supplementary sessions for executive development programmes, for instance in how to work with widely differing personality types. Our coaching tools for the executives of tomorrow can be customised to tackle particular development topics, for example being knowledge leaders or preparing for global market entries.

fgi’s Executive Coaching programmes typically run for between six and nine months, with sessions taking place on a fixed and regular schedule. Coaches and coachees can agree amongst themselves what to focus on and whether to hold sessions virtually or face-to-face. As well as prizing our coaches’ wide-ranging qualifications and expertise, we ensure the high standards and effectiveness of our coaching programmes through our own monitoring and precise knowledge of developments in the global coaching market.

How to find which of our coaches is best suited to you? Simply use our digital Coach Matching Platform, offering HR officers constant oversight over both the content and duration of coaching programmes past and present.


Global Talent management

Global Talent management

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Onboarding für Senior Executives

Customized workshops and coaching formats for successful onboarding

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