The Transition

Our digital product for a successful leadership transition

For more than ten years, the online coaching tool Transition has helped leaders in transition to successfully move into new positions. With this tool, fgi was a pioneer in online-supported self coaching for high-level leadership topics, and was bestowed with the "European Award for Technology Supported Learning" in 2007.

Since that time, Transition has proven its effectiveness through hundreds of leadership transitions. Now fgi has performed technical improvements on the coaching tool, has optimized it for PCs and tablets, has updated the content, and has expanded it to include innovative uses.

In order for leaders in transition to make the best use of their situation and avoid incidents, Transition addresses all critical aspects of leadership transition: How can key persons and potential for support and resistance within the company be identified? How should the often widely varying expectations of employees, colleagues, and superiors be addressed? And how can the opportunities for influence and strategic perspectives in the new position be sounded out in the first months?

Using unique tools within the product, we are able to provide recommendations for action that are based on the leader in transition's specific situation.

We view our digital product both as a supplement to Transition Coaching and as an opportunity to provide leaders with an aide that was never part of the budget plan before.

You can take a first look at the functionality of the product with this video:
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