The Collaboration Trail

Our digital product for successful collaboration

Collaboration within a team and across departmental lines is one of the key variables of modern organizations.It is therefore no coincidence that fgi DigitalSolutions is now offering a product that helps leaders and project managers optimize their collaboration within projects and with other departments.

Collaboration is a digital work tool for desktop and tablet that leaders and project managers use with their teams for cross-functional collaboration. Through the systematic and continuous use of Collaboration, steps are taken to ensure that successful collaboration is no longer left to chance.

The product is composed of seven interactive tools, bringing together classical management tools (e.g. stakeholder analysis) and personal tests (e.g. personal influence). The tools make personalized recommendations for action based on the user’s current situation. In addition, it includes an integrated classical web-based training course, which serves to convey knowledge and creates a common understanding of successful collaboration in three steps.

The individual components of Collaboration can be used flexibly in everyday work and, thanks to the personalized recommendations for action, they are always closely related to the needs of the respective user. The continuous use of Collaboration leads to a deep understanding of successful collaboration. Awareness of the relevance of cross-departmental collaboration is created and users simultaneously acquire competence in dealing with digital solutions.

You can take a first look at the functionality of the product with this video:
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The Collaboration Trail

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