eLearnings for self-reflection on leadership topics

fgi DigitalSolutions develops digital solutions for executive leadership development. We combine the highest level of expertise in complex management and new work topics with the advantages of digital mediation.

Our digital products are characterized by interactive tools that guide our users to introspection and provide individual recommendations for action, each based on the individual starting situation. The quality of the content and the scientifically based tools thus combine solution-oriented self-coaching with sophisticated knowledge transfer.

All solutions can be individualized in terms of content and design and adapted to organization-specific requirements.

We offer ready-to-use standard solutions for the following three questions:

Leadership Transition Online

is a digital self-coaching solution for a successful start into a new management position. For more than ten years, Leadership Transition Online has been supporting executives in successfully entering new positions. This made fgi a pioneer in online-supported self-coaching for challenging leadership topics and was already honored with the "European Award for Technology Supported Learning" in 2007. Since then, the tool has been continuously developed further together with our clients.


Teamwork and cross-departmental collaboration is one of the key variables of modern organizations. fgi DigitalSolutions therefore offers a product that supports managers and project leaders in optimally designing their collaboration within projects and with other departments. Collaboration is a digital product for desktop and tablet that executives and project managers use with their teams in cross-functional collaboration.

Agile Toolkit

is a digital toolkit for teaching agile methods in everyday management.