fgi DigitalSolutions - Your partner for the digitalization of leadership development

As a partner for the digitalization of executive development, we offer the entire spectrum from conception to implementation and operation. We bring our content and digital expertise to every partnership in order to implement the best possible solutions together with our clients.  

We are partners for the digitalization of leadership topics in the following areas:

Development of digitilization targets

  • Together with our clients, we work out the strategic goals for the digitalization of management development.
  • In a joint development process, we further develop existing offerings in order to achieve the defined strategic goals of our clients. 

Development of new, innovative offers

  • Digital Self Assessments - The personal responsibility of executives for their own development is constantly increasing. A digital self-assessment helps managers to identify and reflect on their personal development needs and to select suitable offers. (Digital Self-Assessment)
  • Digital Self Development - For many leadership topics, digital solutions for self-development are an efficient and quickly applicable instrument.
  • Online Coaching - Our experience shows that online coaching in shorter settings of 60 to 90 minutes for specific coaching events is an efficient instrument for leadership development.
  • Presence offers - For longer presence coaching sessions and workshops, we draw on a large portfolio of established and proven formats.

Technical implementation of the offers

  • In addition to the development of the content of the offers, we also offer you the entire technical implementation from a single source: from the development and implementation of digital self-assessments to the development and production of eLearning and the integration of all offers in a digital platform.

Integration of the offers into a digital platform

  • With fgi My Leadership World, we operate our own platform for leadership development. Via the platform, managers can directly access all available offerings and thus shape their personal development. The platform can be fully customized. 

Operation of the digital platform

  • After the development and introduction of the digital offers for management development, we also take over the operation. This includes technical hosting as well as the administration and billing of online and presence offers.