Cultural Transformation

Culture for Success

Cultural transformation is the prerequisite for companies’ success today. We ensure for attitudinal and behavioural change across your organisation – and make it stick.

Conditions are changing with increasing speed, and digitalisation is progressing at an unstoppable pace, leading companies everywhere to radically rethink their business models and processes. Such radical change, however, can only succeed hand-in-hand with cultural transformation: in other words, when people’s attitudes and behaviours – both managers’ and employees’ – change as well.

In recent years, we have guided numerous businesses through cultural change and grappled intensively with the success factors for what we call “Managing the Invisible”. The result: a clear concept, also available in book form, containing seven core building blocks to support businesses in planning for a cultural transformational process and to signpost the individual steps needed to make yours a success.

One of the most central of these building blocks is alignment: making sure that all decision-makers are on the same page. Together with your firm’s leadership team, we analyse your firm’s overall strategy to derive your cultural transformation goals and ensure the full support of senior management.

Next, we develop a transformation architecture with your project team, defining exactly which spaces for dialogue and discussion your firm needs for cultural transformation, and which measures for mobilising your strategy and training your employees are best suited to you. We guide the whole process using both qualitative and quantitative tools to perform a thorough cultural diagnostic, ensuring that your cultural transformation process not only succeeds, but takes place at the right time. The final step will be gradually to integrate your cultural initiative into your employees’ day-to-day.


Bottom-Up Ideation Process

More speed and dynamics in processes and decisions

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Corporate Values and Working Principles

Development of new corporate values and working principles

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An e-learning with two tasks

Development of an individual e-learning for a cultural transformation

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