Culture for your future success

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Today, cultural change in companies is the prerequisite for future success. With our widely tested concept of change, we ensure a sustainable change in attitudes and behavior among executives and employees.

The ever faster changing framework conditions and, not least, the inexorable progress of digitalization are leading many companies to radically rethink their processes and business models. This is not possible without cultural change, i.e., without simultaneously changing the attitudes and behaviors of executives and employees.

In the last few years, we have accompanied cultural change processes in many companies and have dealt intensively with the success factors for the "management of the invisible". The result is a concept of 7 building blocks, which has just been published as a book and which leads step by step to a successful cultural change in your company.

A central component of our approach is to manage the alignment of the decision-makers. Together with your management team, we consistently derive the goals of the cultural change from the strategy and ensure that the top management stands united behind the cultural change.

We develop the architecture of the transformation with your project team and define which dialog and discussion spaces and mobilization as well as learning measures the cultural change requires. Using various methods of cultural diagnostics, we ensure dynamic control throughout the entire process, which is essential for successful cultural change. However, we also pay attention to the timely termination of such projects, which tend to be consistently prolonged.

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