Change Management

Change Management by fgi: Your Transformational Journey

Change management is your entry to a world of permanent change. Make your Transformational Journey a success by allowing yourself to embrace it and developing the skills needed to steer it.

Globalisation and digital transformation are calling entire business models into question, and in these challenging times, merely managing change is not enough. The resulting need to radically overhaul company focal points, structures, processes and systems – not to mention the simultaneity and pace of change – presents businesses everywhere with huge challenges.

Fundamental positive attitudes to change, the capability to transform, and the willingness to tackle complex topics are all fast becoming basic factors for ensuring success. With more than twenty years’ experience advising and accompanying firms around the world on their own transformation processes, we know what transformational journeys depend on:

Expanding the Picture

Only when you streamline an organisation’s ongoing change activities, understand how they influence each other and put them in broader context does the Big Picture become clear that will enable you to communicate your Transformation Story quickly and convincingly.

Aligning Stakeholders

Important stakeholders need to be brought on board at the right time and in the right way: something that can only happen if you understand your target groups’ individual motives and interests. Furthermore, you will need throughout the Transformation Journey to manage negotiation and decision processes across all functions and hierarchies.

Shaping the Future

Which of your colleagues’ attitudes and behaviours will be needed in future? Every Transformational Journey should be conceived and planned to pursue a clear objective. With this objective in mind, your colleagues and employees will not only understand the sensibility of change, but believe in it, too. They will then be ready to accompany you on your Transformation Journey.

Leading oneself

Transformation requires both firm leadership and leaders who are all about change. This, however, must include the willingness to change oneself and to reflect through the entire development journey on one’s own behaviour and mindset as well as possible misdirections and distractions.

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