fgi is reliability and freedom

In the spirit of our mission of striving to be a leading management consultancy, from the very beginning fgi has moved between the two extremes of reliability and freedom. This means both highly professional programs, experienced coaches, and research-based concepts as well as the freedom to think in new ways.

Our guiding values serve as a robust foundation for our attitude towards customers and partners and reliably guide us as we navigate through complex and multi-layered consulting work.


Success in a more complex and global world is based on clarity of expectations, identifying the optimal approaches and messages to guide activities. In this way we build trust and provide orientation as well as security.


There is no doubt in our minds - curiosity is the engine for transformation. It also means being drawn to interdisciplinary collaboration and learning and, above all, to enticing others to be curious for themselves.


Respect is one of the central values of systemic thinking and acting. Mutual respect is one of the basic requirements of successful consulting.


Depth comes before clarity – only in-depth analysis yields the best, simplest and clearest solutions. Our commitment to depth is also a commitment to learning and self-reflection.