It is now more than 25 years since we were asked to design a coaching programme to support leaders with their start in a new role. At the time, research supported what many knew intuitively: successful leaders create the conditions for their success right from the start, and, some starts are riskier than others. In particular, external hires, expatriate leaders and those with a significant change agenda face particular challenges at the start and, with it, a higher risk of not meeting expectations or leaving their assignments early. This is a costly situation for all involved in view of both the investments made by leaders and their organizations in getting these appointments right, and the opportunities for change that may be missed or not fully realized.

Our expertise grew with the needs of our clients and their organizations: to date we have helped to formulate change agendas and stories, to design change architectures and to deliver key processes. Working closely with leaders and their challenges deepened our expertise regarding what it takes to lead and transform an organization and to do so with an eye on the the visible and invisible structures and mental models at the heart of change.

We pay attention to the personal as well as the organizational dynamics. We have developed tools and processes to provide consistent support throughout an organization and to pass on our expertise to clients such as internal change agents and leaders in talent and leadership development programmes.

We are proud of the many and diverse change processes we supported, be they national or international, for downsizing or growth situations as well as mergers and acquisitions. We have built the expertise and the resources it takes to partner with senior leaders for the design and delivery of the many different aspects of organizational change programmes. We place great importance on messaging, engagement and alignment processes based on the right architecture and psychological milestones for successful transformation.

Today, Transformation and Leadership is what we do best. We balance the need for process with the need for leadership, we focus on individual as well as organizational dynamics and we continue to be curious about the dynamic interplay of structures and culture. In doing so, we have been valued by our clients as a trusted partner for international businesses with a need to develop the organization as well as its leaders.