Rollout Team Workshops

Large Scale Rollout of Team Workshops in a Change Process

As part of a change process, a large group of leaders was to be offered workshops with their teams. The team workshops were to be conducted according to a uniform procedure and with a uniformly high quality standard at 8 locations in Germany.


The special feature of this project was the implementation of the workshops by regional facilitators according to a uniform, standardized procedure. One requirement for the implementation was an efficient process for the rollout.


Two components were crucial for a successful implementation of the requirements. First, we needed a large team of facilitators to serve the 8 locations without a lot of travel, and second, we needed a digital process for booking and managing workshop requests.

Even with large rollouts, it is important that each workshop is implemented with the maximum care and quality. For this reason, we selected the team of facilitators very carefully and trained them accordingly once they were selected. During the course of the rollout, we continuously measured success/satisfaction and worked with the individual facilitators as needed. Regular supervision and peer coaching sessions were held among the moderators throughout the rollout. A central point of contact was available to the client throughout the rollout process.

We mapped the booking through our digital platform solution so that participants could easily book their workshop online within a few steps and minutes.


The combination of a digital platform for efficient rollout and the commitment and team spirit of the individual facilitators made a successful rollout possible. A great project as a whole combined with the passion to make every single workshop successful!