Interactive Leadership

Who does leadership belong to? This and similar questions were the focus of discussions between the client and fgi regarding reorientation of the concept of leadership at Germany's leading insurer. This resulted in a unique project whose content was designed by fgi and implemented in close collaboration with the client.

"Interactive Leadership – Leadership on Equal Footing" focuses on the relationship between leaders and those being led. The idea of all-knowing leader is now considered to be obsolete. Now an open dialog about how and where responsibility can be shared is much more in demand. Based on an analysis of the current relationship with leaders using our own leadership parameter, a moderated team discussion is conducted in which leaders and those being led discuss their topics intensively and clear conclusions on how their relationship with leaders can be improved are reached.

The focus on four areas of action and a strictly organized process ensures that the discussions not only have depth but also purpose. The concept catches on quickly throughout the company: Starting with the executive board, already in the first year hundreds of teams begin the dialog and make noticeable improvements in their relationships. Other experts recognize the value of this new approach: The concept is singled out at the 2016 St. Gallen Leadership Awards.

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Interactive Leadership