Foster collaboration

A company with 16,000 employees worldwide faces enormous challenges in the post-merger integration phase. Price erosion, loss of innovative leadership, numerous restructurings, and the integration of differing management cultures puts the new organization to the test.

It is quickly apparent that collaboration on all levels – regardless of hierarchy, expertise, or region – is the key to success. fgi provides support during the integration phase with a program whose first step reaches more than 1,000 leaders through 3 opening events and 70 Collaboration Workshops with top management. The result is motivation for comprehensive collaboration.

Moderators and consultants from fgi not only conduct the events, but they also permanently monitor the success of all further measures. This includes tools specially created for the customer, such as a diagnostic tool for rating the culture of collaboration, a collaboration model for checking the actual and ideal situation in various departments, and a digital instrument for checking one's own posture when working with others. Overall, the program leads to significantly increased readiness for wide-ranging collaboration.

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