Developing culture

At 3,000 employee branch of a German logistics company successfully brings about changes to the culture at the site.

After many leadership changes and numerous operational weaknesses, the branch has earned a regular place at the bottom of company internal KPI rankings. In order to change this, as a first step, fgi brings the new branch head together with his leadership team.

Together, the team develops a common orientation and vision. They also agree that a turnaround is only possible through lasting changes to their mindset and behavior. This process starts with large events, after which action teams gather who voluntarily work on individual development areas, report regularly on their work, and include various parts of the branch in development of the culture through targeted interventions. After two years of close collaboration with fgi, the branch makes its way back up to the middle range of the internal rankings. After that time, the cultural change is considered to be a best practice that other branches can benefit from.

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