International Services

Strategic expertise and local experience

We hear from our clients: “Growth takes us outside our home markets.“ The reasons for this are manifold: Change in markets is fast and disruptive, the internet creates a global market place that shapes local customer expectations and digitization introduces new and surprising competitors.

A global market place can only be served by global organizations. Hence the fast-changing organizational needs are to be met with globally consistent yet adaptable and timely development support at individual and organizational levels. This can only be done with services that are delivered to comparable standards all over the world. We are pleased to make the following services available – for face to face as well as virtual support.

  • International Leadership Transitions
  • International Assignments
  • International Post-Merger Integration

Our local teams in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands & Belgium, The UK and Asia/Pacific ensure effective and efficient local contact and support.

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International Services Switzerland
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International Services